Extended Stay Housing for Students

Extended Stay Housing for Students

Our San Diego extended stay apartment rentals are perfect choices for all students due to our premier location. For students looking for affordable off­campus housing during the school year or during the Winter and Summer breaks, the Island Inn and J Street properties are ideal.

These locations are also great for out­-of­-state and foreign students looking for somewhere to stay in San Diego while they attend school. The properties are located by many great ESL Institutes which is convenient for foreign guests who are attending one of the ESL programs. Avoid the hassle of apartment hunting and stay the most affordable undergrad, graduate, and foreign exchange student housing for rent in San Diego .

San Diego Campuses Nearby


The city of San Diego provides plenty of public transportation options to help locals and tourists commute around the city with ease. From buses to trains and trolleys, there are multiple options to make your way around the city. Each of these services will take you to the most popular attractions in San Diego and to the smaller residential areas. Check schedules and routes on their websites and get to your destination with ease.

ESL Programs

There is a very large multi-­national population in San Diego. Between tourism and foreign exchange college students, there are plenty of people in town who are learning to grasp the English language. Many of the colleges in San Diego offer English as a Second Language(ESL) Programs, and there are also a few solitary institutes whose focus is to teach English to non-­native speakers. In San Deigo you will find seminar classes, intensive workshop programs, and regular semester courses available for everyone trying to learn the English language. The helpful instructors at these schools are committed to helping everyone learn how to effectively use the English language.