Whale Watching in SD

February 3, 2017
San Diego extended stay hotels

San Diego is known as one of the best destination to go whale watching. From December through April is the ideal time to catch a glimpse of the grey whale. During this time, these whales embark on their 10,000 miles migration from Alaska down to Mexico. Here are some ways that you can embark on a whale watching journey and snap a picture of these magnificent mammals while you stay at San Diego extended stay hotels.

Climb aboard one of the comfortable yachts by Hornblower Cruises for the chance of a lifetime. You’ll set sail and and along the way see dolphins and barking sea lion. Of course, the real prize are the legendary gray whales. These whales travel the longest distance duringing migration of any known mammal on the earth. The morning cruise boards at 8:45am and sets off from 9:00am-1pm. Along the way, enjoy narration from marine professionals from the San Diego Natural History Museum. For more information, visit www.hornblower.com/port/overview/sd+whalewatching

San Diego Whale Watch is another company that offers whale watching experiences. During the cruise, you’ll be enjoyed with the on-staff marine biologist who will give you fun facts on whales and the marine life in San Diego. The San Diego Whale Watch offers a whale guarantee. If you happen to take a cruise with them and don’t see any whales, they will give you a FREE pass to come back and enjoy another trip so that you get another chance to catch a glimpse at these majestic mammals. However, if you see dolphins but not whales, you’ll be given a 50% off pass for your next trip! Either way, you can’t lose. The morning cruise is from 10am-1pm and the afternoon cruise is from 1:30-4:30pm. Tickets are $48 for adults. For more information, visit http://sdwhalewatch.com/our-trips/whale-watching/.