Tips for Finding an Apartment in SD

October 26, 2017
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Are you looking to make the move to San Diego? Do you find yourself thinking, “How can I find monthly rooms for rent near me?” If so, consider this guide and enjoy these tips on how to find the perfect apartment for you in San Diego.

  1. Find out which neighborhood fits your needs. Do you want to be right by the action in the Gaslamp Quarter? Or do you want to be over by the East Village and enjoy the glitz and glam of this neighborhood? When you stay at the Gaslamp Quarter, you’ll be within steps to all the nightlife, shops, and restaurants you can handle. One of the great things about San Diego is that there are a number of neighborhoods to choose from so you’ll be sure to find the one that fits!
  2. Consider middle floor units. Often times, the top floor apartments and the first floor apartments tend to be the cheaper units in a building. This is because people like having quick access to their rooms from the street and they like living spaces with a view. If you can handle the accommodation, consider getting one of the middle units of an apartment building as you will likely save money if you do.
  3. Know your stuff. Are there extra fees for pets or parking for example? If parking is available, what kind? Is it street parking, covered parking or is there a garage? Is there designated spots available? Do you have to pay for individual utilities or is it included in rent? If you are military personnel, see if the apartment offers any military discounts. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when it comes to moving to a new place!
  4. Read the lease. This may seem like an obvious tip, but oftentimes, reading over a legal document seems like tedious work. Before signing anything, be sure to read the entire document as you don’t want to be surprised by any hidden fees. Additionally, are there any hidden expectations that the landlord has of the tenant? When you read the lease, you’ll know what’s expected of you and what the landlord will offer so you won’t be surprised down the road.