Scream Zone at Del Mar

October 16, 2015

Come one, come all, but only if you dare. The Scream Zone is now at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and will be scaring patrons until November 1st. If you and your friends are looking for a frighteningly good time while you stay in one of the extended stay hotels near Del Mar Fairgrounds, look no further than the Scream Zone – it will be sure to give you a fright! Come down to the Del Mar Fairgrounds today.

This year, there will be all new events at the Scream Zone that will be just as terrifying as ever. Enter the House of Horror where you will be in for the scare of your life. At the House of Horror you will see all kinds of creatures of the night from beasts and brutes to fiends and freaks. Beware the dolls that will want to play with you and have you stay in the House of Horror forever. Another new event will be Karnevil. Come and see the monstrous creations that Dr. Marvel S. Mayhem has conjured up as this bloodthirsty travelling troupe now travels from town to town preying on innocent bystanders. If that’s not enough, take on the horrifying Haunted Hayride and hope that you’ll return safe and sound. You’ll travel to the Trailer Park of Terror but be on the lookout for local “Kill Billies”. If that’s not enough, try your luck at Paintball Apocalypse: A Nightmare on Clown Street. Ever wondered what it would be like for Killer Clowns to come at you from every corner? Now you can find out! Armed with a paint ball machine, you can defend yourself from these Killer Clowns.

From October 15th through the 18th, the Scream Zone at Del Mar Fairgrounds will be held from Thursday through Sunday. Starting October 21st, the Scream Zone will be every night through November 1st. From Sunday through Thursday, the hours of the Scream Zone will be from 7pm – 11pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, the Scream Zone will be open from 7pm – Midnight. Tickets for Triple Haunt, which includes admission to the House of Horror, Karnevil, and the Haunted Hayride is $32. Tickets for Double Haunt, which includes Karnevil plus either the House of Horror or the Haunted Hayride is $23. Single Haunt, which is either House of Horror or Hayride is $18. To play only Apocalypse Paintball it is $25 and when you purchase a ticket for Triple Haunt, Apocalypse Paintball will only be an additional $20. Get your tickets today! For more information visit