State Historic Park: Old Town SD

February 24, 2017

For an interactive and exciting venture into history, come down to the State Historic Park: Old Town San Diego. At Old Town San Diego, come and explore what life was like during the 1820s-1872 in San Diego. Come and see what interesting things you can learn at Old Town San Diego State Historic Park.

La Casa de Estudillo was an important political and cultural center during the 1830s. First and foremost, the house was the town house for the Estudillos, a wealthy ranching family during the time. When they were not traveling throughout their four ranches, the home served as a business office as well as a chapel and schoolroom. The U-Shaped home serves as an example of the architecture of the 1830s. In fact, at the time, the home was considered one of the finest homes in the area.

Seeley Stables is a reconstructed are of stable and barns created in the mid 19th century fashion. The stables and barns feature horse-drawn buggies, carriages, wagons and western memorabilia. At Seeley Stables, can you learn more about the days of traveling by stagecoach and how carriages, wagons and buggies revolutionized transportation in the early West.

La Casa De Machado y Silvas was built during the 1830s. By 1850s, the home had turned into a restaurant. Over the years it served as a rooming house, art studio, cafe, souvenir shop and more. Today, the home is one of the 5 remaining original adobe buildings in the area.Another home is the McCoy House was built circa 1869 and today, the home serves as a House Museum that features a number of exhibits that help to tell the story of early San Diego. Inside, see the sitting rooms and parlor where the McCoys would have entertained guests. The rooms are decorated in the typical fashion during the Victorian era. To learn more about the Old Town San Diego Historic Park, visit