San Diego Crew Classic

March 10, 2017

If you are looking to explore the Mission Bay area, then head out to the coast and enjoy the San Diego Crew Classic. This sporting event features thousands of athletes all participating in this rowing event. During the regatta, athletes will compete in over 100 fast paced races!

The San Diego Crew Classic is often regarded as the first major regatta of the year. This event brings together thousands of athletes from over 100 universities as well as high school programs and clubs from all over the United States. Some universities attending include USC, UCLA, Cal, Stanford, Duke, Penn State and many more. Together, these participants all engage in San Diego’s premier rowing event. Participants range in age from 14 to 84 with the over age 21 level being the fastest growing level at the regatta. Many of these rowers are from colleges and universities but many are also returning as they relive their past college and club experiences. In addition to the exciting race, when you come down to the San Diego Crew Classic, you can also attend the event’s trade show! At the trade show, explore the various vendors. Some vendors sell Crew Classic clothing, souvenirs and more. Other vendors are Alumni tents, food vendors, beer gardens and more.

The San Diego Crew Classic was established in 1973 and today, for many rowers, this regatta is the highlight of their sports careers. In many cases, it has been a sporting event for future Olympians as well. The race will begin near Ingraham Street bridge and Sea World. It will then head North along Mission Bay for 2000 meters before finishing at Crown Pointe Shores.