Pros of Choosing to live in San Diego

September 7, 2018
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If you’re thinking of moving to San Diego, you’re not alone. In recent years, the economy of San Diego is booming and it’s not surprising why. When it comes to living in San Diego, there are plenty of reasons, the beaches and colleges in the area just being a couple of the reasons why. If you’re a student whose planning on coming to school here, consider extended stay san diego apartments. This will provide you with a more affordable option so you can spend less money on rent and more time on having fun.


One of the best things about choosing to live in San Diego is that you’re pretty much guaranteed perfect weather year round. Due to the fact that it’s close to the beach, the weather is always right around 70 degrees. Whether it’s winter or summer, you’re still going to enjoy warm weather. So say goodbye to the snowstorms and blizzards because here you’ll be wearing flip flops year round. Another pro for living in San Diego is the fact that the city knows its beers. In fact, Forbes ranked San Diego No. 3 for best beer cities (after only Portland and San Francisco). The city has a huge number of microbreweries so that means almost all the bars will have local selection. There are also big name breweries located here such as Stone and Karl Strauss.


If you’re looking for activities, San Diego has that too. If you’re looking for green space, check out Balboa Park. This park, located in central San Diego is actually larger than the world famous Central Park in New York. The park is home to the San Diego Zoo, beautiful gardens such as the Japanese Friendship Garden, a number of museums and so much more. During the summers, Balboa Park also does fun Food truck events as well. Other fun activities include catching a padres game and heading to the beach. These are just some of the pros of living in San Diego.