Petco Park Food Guide

June 15, 2018
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With baseball season officially upon us, Petco Park is open and ready to have guests enjoy a game of America’s favorite past time. When you cheer on the Padres, be sure to come hungry because Petco Park isn’t like other baseball parks. While you can still grab a classic hotdog, there are plenty of other options you can enjoy as well. Check out the list below and see what you can enjoy when you visit Petco Park for a baseball game.

Neapolitan Style Pizza – Buona Forchetta

Sure, you probably can get pizza at other baseball stadiums but are they baked in a wood fired oven the Neapolitan way? This local favorite of San Diego just opened up a new location right at Petco Park. Here, enjoy slices as well as the new thick crust Roman style pizza as well as wines and even a gelato bar.

Pulled Pork Sandwich – Phil’s BBQ

When it comes to BBQ in San Diego, Phil’s BBQ is consistently rated as some of the best in the city. Now you can enjoy their BBQ as you watch the game. Try the famous pulled pork sandwich, you won’t regret it.

Beer – The Draft by Ballast Point

San Diego is known for its impressive collection of local breweries and perhaps Ballast Point is the most recognized as this local brewery has achieved recognition nationwide. At this location, not only can you grab a bite to eat, but you can also enjoy a full lineup of Ballast Point’s beer.

Ice Cream Sandwich – Baked Bear

If you didn’t think an ice cream sandwich was a necessary item when going to a baseball game, think again. Baked Bear is a local favorite serving up ice cream sandwich heaven. Pick your favorite ice cream flavor and enjoy it between two fresh baked cookies or brownies.