Must-See Museums at Balboa Park

January 18, 2019
balboa park museums

With 17 museums and the zoo located within Balboa Park, there is truly something for the whole family here. If some people want to see classic cars at the Automotive Museum while others want to enjoy the san diego zoo special experiences, you can split up and everyone can get what they want! Here are just a few of the balboa park museums you can visit.


San Diego Air & Space Museum

At the SD Air & Space Museum you’ll go on a journey through time where you learn all about aviation history and the first airplanes to space exploration. You’ll also be able to view artifacts from the Wright Brothers, Charles Lindbergh, Neil Armstrong, Amelia Earhart, Buzz Aldrin and more.


San Diego Automotive Museum

Learn all about the story of the automobile and how it changed our lives through compelling exhibits. In addition to cars, at the museum you’ll also find a large motorcycle exhibit, memorabilia and interesting videos.


San Diego Museum of Man

At the Museum of Man, you’ll get a little bit of everything. Enjoy interactive exhibits that covers a vast range of human history and culture from beer history and monsters to the truth about cannibalism. Here, there’s something for everyone.


San Diego Natural History Museum

From past to present, the Natural History Museum will have you learning about dinosaurs and fossils to rattlesnakes and beetles. There’s also a theater showing 2D and 3D movies daily and rotating exhibits so there’s always something new to see.


WorldBeat Center18

Opened in 1996, the WorldBeat Center is dedicated to preserving and promoting African, African-American and other indigenous cultures of the world through music, art, dance, technology and education. Concerts, lectures and dance and drumming classes are offered year round.