The Monster Jam at Petco Park

December 31, 2015
Monster Jam San Diego

Are you ready for some monster crashes and explosive thrills? If so, get ready for Monster Jam! This adrenaline packed event will be heading to Petco Park from January 23rd through the 26th. Come with friends or family to see professionals show off their skills as they race their monster trucks and go for the gold. If you will be staying at any of the the affordable hotels near Petco Park around this time, get your tickets today!

At Monster Jam, you’ll see monster trucks face off in freestyle and racing competitions. In the freestyle competition, drivers are given 90 seconds to show off all the skills they can on an open floor. Drivers can do stunts and tricks with their trucks and even drive over other cars! Sometimes they are also given an additional 30 seconds as a bonus to do even more tricks. There are three judges that determine the winner of this competition. Each judge gives a score out of 10 and the driver with the highest score at the end of the round wins. Come and see some of your favorite trucks such as Blue Thunder, Barbarian, Devastator, Avenger, Dragon, El Diablo, Hurricane Force, Incinerator, Monster Mutt, Overkill Evolution, Predator, Titan, Zombie Hunter and many more! Some of the drivers that will be at this event include Mark Schroeder, Tony Canedo, Dennis Anderson, Kelvin Ramer as well as other familiar names.

On January 23rd the show will begin at 7pm and tickets can be purchased for as low as $15. These tickets will give you access to the P4 section of the stadium. Seats in the P3 section can be purchased for $26 and seats in the P2 section can be purchased for $36. If you want the best seats in the house, you should purchase tickets in the Gold Circle. These tickets can be purchased for $45.