What You Should Know Before Moving To SD

June 28, 2017

San Diego is a gem of Southern California. You’ll enjoy great weather, sandy beaches, excellent food and a number of good universities in san diego. Before you decide to make the move to this popular destination, here are some things you should know about this sunny city.

While there are many pros to the city, San Diego also has the 8th most expensive housing market in the country. While this may be true, there are also options to consider such as Affordable Housing. Affordable Housing San Diego offers budget-friendly extended stay housing right in the heart of San Diego. The location is perfect for students, business professionals, military personnel and more. Avoid the high prices that can sometimes be found in the city by checking out Affordable Housing.

San Diego offers excellent Farmers Market. At these markets, you can enjoy some of the freshest produce around since the produce is coming direct from local San Diego farms. Throughout the city you can find Farmers Markets every day of the week! When you move to San Diego, get ready for fresh produce right at your fingertips.  

Enjoy all the beaches that you can handle. Throughout the city there are a number of different beaches that all offer various amenities. Mission Beach, Coronado, and La Jolla Cove are all popular beaches that may draw lots of crowds. Other options include Ocean Beach, Sunset Cliffs beach and Tourmaline Surf Park.

Be prepared for June Gloom. While you might expect San Diego to be beautiful and sunny 365 days a year, that’s not quite accurate. While the temperatures are pretty great year round, during the month of June and some of May, prepare for gray skies and a dip in temperatures. Don’t worry though, it passes soon enough and you’ll be back to enjoying blue skies and near perfect weather.

While there are some public transportation options, driving is still going to be your best bet. There is a trolley that will drop you off at popular destinations throughout the city such as downtown, various museums, shopping opportunities, beaches and more. However, for the most convenient way to get somewhere, you’ll have to hit the pavement with a car.