Finding Off-Campus Housing in San Diego

February 15, 2019
find off-campus housing in San Diego

Are you trying to find off-campus housing in San Diego? It might feel like it is overwhelming to figure out your plans, but affordable housing for students is within your reach! If you’re thinking about off campus housing but not sure where to start, read on for answers.


The first thing to do is determine if off campus living is right for you. Something that most students don’t consider is the fact that off-campus housing is almost always bigger than dorm rooms. Dorm rooms are notorious for cramping roommates into a small space. As a freshman, maybe this is okay, but as you mature and start figuring out your own preferences, it’s best to have your own space and off-campus housing features larger spaces than a dorm room. In fact, off campus housing offers real living space. You’ll have a real kitchen, private bedroom, storage space and more. With all the space, you’ll be free to invite friends over without having to worry about roommates.


Next, it’s important to start asking questions. When looking for a space, you’ll want to consider location, the neighborhood, pricing and if any amenities are included. When considering the neighborhood, check out what’s around it. Is there a grocery store or fun locations to give you a needed break from all the studying? Also considering the pricing to make sure it’s affordable for your budget.