The Best Surf Spots in San Diego

December 29, 2016
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Sunny San Diego is known for its beautiful beaches. While these beaches are great for lounging and soaking in the sun, beaches in San Diego are also great for surfing, especially since on any given day you can find great swells. The best surfing months tend to be August through November though the waves can be great well into the Winter season. If you decide to try your hand at surfing, be sure to check the daily surf report, which can easily be found online. Whether you want to hit the waves yourself or simply watch the locals catch a wave, here are some of the best surf spots in San Diego. Make sure you have a place to stay in San Diego close to the beach!

Swami’s is one of the most popular destinations in San Diego. In fact, it’s an area that’s known internationally for its waves. The area is great since it features right point break, reef breaks and beach breaks as well. Generally, the locations keeps tides consistently as a low to mid tide, which offers fun surfing options. Moonlight beach is another great surf location. In addition, you’ll also find beach volleyball and bonfires. There are also a number of surf schools located at Moonlight beach making it a great location to start learning how to surf!

If you are more interested in watching advanced surfers do their thing, then head over Black’s Beach. At this location, you’ll find some of the most powerful surf breaks in all of Southern California. Stop here to see some of the most impressive waves in San Diego. At tourmaline Surfing Park, you’ll be met with a wide, stretch of sandy beach, which makes it an excellent place to just lay out on a towel and watch the surfers do their thing. However, if you want to try surfing yourself, this is an excellent place for beginners as the beach is known for its smaller, rolling waves.