Best Hikes in San Diego

January 11, 2017

When the sun is always shining like it is in San Diego, you might want to get outdoors and enjoy the excellent weather. While heading to the beach is a viable option, the city also has a number of excellent hiking options. Hiking is an enjoyable way to exercise in San Diego. With something for all ages and all manners of difficulty, here are some of the best hikes near J Street Inn San Diego.

A great family friendly hike that is easy yet still offers great views is a hike along the Sunset Cliffs. Named after the beautiful views you can see at sunset, this hike is definitely best during the late afternoon. However, it can still be enjoyed during anytime of the day. The trail will take you along rugged coastlines and breathtaking views atop steep cliffs. The total trail distance is 3.7 miles along the coast. There are also tide pools that can be enjoyed by the whole family that you can find along this hike.

Another option is the Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail. This hike is another that is great for all ages. Even though it is a relatively easy hike, you will still get your fill of impressive natural sights. Along the Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail, you’ll find year round streams and creek crossings. Depending on the season, you can also enjoy sights of beautiful waterfalls. The total length of this trail is 4.7 miles.

For a moderately difficult hike, choose the double peak trail. This loop trail is great since it combines moderate steepness with times of restful views. The summit will but you at 1,644 feet high and when you make it to the top, you’ll be gifted with stunning 360 degree views of the North County area. For about the first mile, the trail is paved but then afterward it turns into a single, rougher track. In total, the loop trail is 5 miles and dogs are welcome!