The Benefits of Off Campus Housing for College Students

May 12, 2017
student housing in San Diego

If you are an incoming student, on campus student housing in San Diego can be expensive. When you live on campus, you will often have to share the space with multiple roommates and dorms can be small in size with shared bathrooms.  While living on campus may be convenient for some, living off campus somewhere such as Affordable Housing, you’ll have more freedom and more space all while saving money! You will need to account for transportation thought. With Affordable Housing, you can enjoy rooms with private bathrooms and kitchenettes for one or two people at low prices and in a great location.

If you are a student at UC San Diego, a single room on campus will cost you over $10,000. A double or triple room will cost you over $10,000 as well. If you opt to get the highest dining plan, than the cost for housing will even increase more than this. If you opt for the quarter repayment plan, every 3 months you’ll have to pay thousands of dollars. For a student, these are all high costs.

If you’re at San Diego State University, if you get the highest meal plan, your housing for a triple or quad dorm room will be over $10,000 for the academic year. For a double room, you’ll have to pay even more. For a single room, you’ll have to pay the most. This allows you to live on campus for 9 months.

Meanwhile, at Affordable Housing, per month for a small studio you only have to pay a bit over $1,000. If you are looking for a larger studio, you can pay around $100 more per month. In the long run, these options are much more affordable than paying to live on campus. In addition, at Affordable Inn locations, you will also have more freedom and more space! If you have a car, you can also get a parking spot as well.