3 Historic Sites to Check Out in San Diego

April 28, 2016
Mission San Luis Rey

San Diego is a vibrant city with a lot of history to offer. While there are so many fun things to do in the city, consider taking a trip down memory lane and learning about what San Diego was like so many years ago. Here are 3 historical places to visit in San Diego that are great for the whole family.

The Missions that were set up by the Spanish play an integral role in California history. These missions can still be found all along the California coast. One of these missions is Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, located in San Diego. This mission is known as “King of the Missions” due to its large size. In fact, Mission San Luis Rey de Francia is the largest out all of 21 missions in California. Built in 1798, it was the last one to be built and is still well preserved today. Come and visit this beautiful building today. Visit www.sanluisrey.org for more information.

Another fun, immersive experience is to visit Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. When you visit this historic park, you go back to where it all began because this is where the city of San Diego began. The town first began to develop as settlers and retired soldiers began to build homes here. In Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, you’ll see what life looked like during the mid 1800s when settlers began their lives here. Enjoy walking through museums, shops and more. There are also restaurants nearby to enjoy! For more information, call (619) 220-5422.

The USS Midway is one of the longest serving aircraft carriers in all of America and it is stationed in San Diego. The aircraft carrier is now a floating museum. Inside, you’ll find over 60 exhibits, 29 aircrafts that have been restored, the option to listen to a self guided audio tour and more. Visit www.midway.org for more information!