Corporate & Government Extended Stay Housing

Extended Stay Housing

San Diego features a very prominent business and military community throughout the city. We offer great corporate housing in San Diego for business guests looking to be conveniently located near the San Diego Convention Center. Our San Diego extended stay housing properties are also ideal for military personnel. With a central location near military posts, shipyards, administrative and commissary buildings, guests have easy access to military services like the VA Hospital and Veteran affairs while staying in a affordable central location.

San Diego Convention Center

The San Diego Convention Center host dozens of conferences, conventions, and events monthly. The Convention Center hosts trade shows for cosmetics company’s, business seminars for business professionals, and many more. The San Diego Convention Center is also the home of Comic­Con, the international convention celebrating all comic­book related films, tv shows, and comics. Medical seminars are also held in the convention center. There are also community events held at the San Diego Convention Center like cultural dance events, a kids art revue, and college fairs. Business professionals can also plan their own events, seminars, meetings, and conferences in the San Diego Convention Center. If you have an event in the convention center and plan to stay in San Diego for longer than a week, then look into staying in J Street or Island Inn. Our two extended stay apartments are walking distance from the San Diego Convention center.

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Military Bases

Guests serving in the armed forces will be conveniently located by San Diego bases when staying in our J Street and Island Inn properties. Our properties are great for guests who are awaiting orders or military housing. If you’d rather have a short­term stay off base then our properties are a great selection for you. Whether you work with the Navy, Coast Guard, or the Marines, you are close to all of the military services you’ll need.